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8 Benefits Of A Concrete Driveway


A lower cost upfront is the main benefit from an asphalt driveway. Some budgetary concerns might influence the decision to choose asphalt. Always make sure you are going with a reputable concrete contractor. If in Michigan you should contact Grand Rapids Concrete Co for the best prices and service.

However, a driveway made of concrete is more durable. The lifespan of concrete driveways is approximately 50 to 60 percent longer than the asphalt counterpart. In the end, the initial savings in cost of asphalt are usually overshadowed by the cost of maintaining. The binder liquid that holds the aggregates in place is susceptible to cracking as well as disintegration and distortion as a result of the exposure of UV radiation chemical oxidation, water, and other chemicals.


Many people find that the white surface has a lot of visual appeal, however innovative design options are readily available. colored concrete is the best option homeowners looking for an even darker finish. Stamped concrete surfaces provide an attractive texture that typically is a perfect match with the house’s architectural style. The exposed aggregates give a 3D, textured look.


Do you want to increase the heat absorption capacity of asphalt or the reflectance of concrete’s heat?

Concrete surfaces are more cool as they are less able to absorb UV radiation than asphalt counterparts. It is only necessary to try using bare feet on both kinds of pavements in a hot summer day to see the differences. Although asphalt’s absorption of heat can be beneficial in winter months, this advantage is offset by the disadvantages of having a more hot driveway during summer.

The standard concrete’s light reflectance lowers the lighting requirements. Because asphalt absorbs a lot of light, a driveway made of asphalt might require about three times more light than one constructed of concrete. Concrete driveways can see the savings in energy are a lot higher over time.


Concrete is a solid and non-flexible material that is able to carry greater loads than asphalt. Because asphalt is flexible trucks, or other large loads could cause rutting, or other damages. Additionally, if you have a larger vehicle, boat, or RV that you have, think about the possibility of other large vehicles being driven onto your property.


There is a way to cut down on cost of maintenance for concrete by using sealing joints that contract and sealers that penetrate. Sealers that are clear protect against deicers and water absorption. Contraction joints prevent cracking that occur when concrete shrinks.

As soon as an asphalt drive is laid the binder starts to dry. To stop this from happening it is necessary to sealcoat the drive regularly. Even with frequent resealing, asphalt drives generally do not last the same amount of time as one made of concrete.


When the driveway is constructed the driveway releases evaporated oils that may get onto footwear’s soles. If any corrosive, oily substance become a part of the surface of asphalt it is possible of attracting the sticky, oily substance into your house or vehicle. This risk is higher during the heat of summer. The concrete surface of a driveway is not susceptible to this dissolution.


Since the energy consumption and embodied costs of concrete driveways are less and therefore, it’s an eco-friendly driveway solution. This means that it takes less energy to create and install concrete.

However, a significant amount of energy is required to heat hot mix asphalt up to the desired 250-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Sealcoating a driveway with asphalt every three to five years is more costly and requires more petroleum-based products. Additionally, a driveway that lasts for longer will not use more energy during the replacement cycle in the future.

8. RESALE Value

Are you thinking of put your house for sale in the near future? If so, place yourself into the shoes potential buyers for a minute. Would you rather live in a home with asphalt driveway or a concrete one? A concrete driveway could help you sell your home in the near future and you’ll probably recover some of the investment when you sell it. Looking for a concrete company in Gainesville FL? Contact our partners Concrete Gainesville Pros at 352-389-4054.


Mixtures of concrete suitable for Pennsylvania driveways should have these attributes:

  • Minimum 4000 psi
  • Ratio of water/cementitious of .45
  • Five to seven percent of air infiltration

But even a flawless concrete mix can only be the best if it is properly placed and finishing, as well as curing by a professional contractor.

Although the classic broom finish is the most popular and least expensiveoption, you can pick from a range of finishes. A broom finish can roughen the surface enough to enhance grip in snowy and icy conditions.

Additionally, it is essential to not use deicing substances for 12 months following placement and also to reduce the use of these agents in the future. The application in a cement sealer gives additional protection from the effects of deicers. They also prevent unwanted staining.