What Should A Paving Bid From A Concrete Contractor Include in Michigan

Every bid will quote the final price for the project. It should be clear exactly how much labor and materials will be used for the job and how long it will take. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you make an informed decision. Keep in mind that the cost of labor and concrete should not vary greatly from one contractor to the next. For these reasons, it is important to compare and contrast the bids from different concrete contractors.

What Should A Paving Bid From A Concrete Contractor Include in Michigan

A concrete contractor should also carry a comprehensive insurance policy. It is essential that they have workers compensation insurance to cover any medical expenses incurred during a project. Commercial property insurance covers the contractor’s work area and provides protection for the business property. It is important to ask for an insurance policy from your concrete contractor before accepting a bid. You’ll want to make sure the contractor is bonded and carries workers’ compensation insurance.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has a standard specification for paving projects, including Standard Plans and Supplemental Specifications. Depending on the project’s requirements, your bidding contracting team can specify either asphalt or concrete in their bid. If your project requires asphalt, be sure to specify this in your proposal. A concrete contractor will need to supply you with a detailed plan that includes the cost of the materials and labor.

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